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G is for Google

In their Official Blog, Google has announced that they will be creating a new parent company called Alphabet, which will be the umbrella company for all of their other pieces, like Google Search, Maps, Glass, etc., rather than all being under one company. Larry Page is moving up to that entity as CEO.

With that move in mind, I couldn’t help myself but to come up with an alphabet of my own… these are either Google products, or pieces/acquisitions of the company..

A is for Alerts
B is for Blogspot
C is for Calendar
D is for Drive
E is for Earth
F is for Flight Search
G is for Glass
H is for Hummingbird
I is for Image Search
J is for Japanese Input
K is for Keep
L is for Listen
M is for Maps
N is for Navigation
O is for OpenSocial
P is for Picasa
Q is for Questions and Answers
R is for Recipe
S is for Search
T is for Translate
U is for University Search
V is for Video
W is for Waze
X is for X (Google X)
Y is for YouTube
Z is for Zagat