Giving It All Up (Well, Most of It)

An extraordinary thing has happened — I am picking up and moving across the country to start a new job. We’re moving from the suburbs around central Ohio, to the area surrounding San Francisco, and we understand the financial implications, and moving to that area means we’ll likely have a much smaller space, so most of our stuff has to go.

I’m a huge George Carlin fan, and he had a bit where he talked about houses, and how they are just a place for your stuff. Items that used to seem precious or important to me are now being recycled, donated, or prepped for a garage sale. This is because I realize I don’t need it anymore, or realize that it will cost me too much money to move it across the country, or in the case of something on paper, that I don’t need to move it. I have this tool, called Evernote, along with a smartphone camera (with the Evernote app) that will allow me to take a picture of something and automatically insert it into Evernote so that it’s stored in the cloud electronically. This is something I’ve been doing quite a bit recently, and I’m realizing that it’s quite possibly one of the most valuable tools I can use, simply because those bits cost no money to store, no money or effort to move, and only require a connection to the internet (which with a phone, is quite ubiquitous nowadays) and I can access my data just about anywhere. It’s really opened my mind to what’s important and what isn’t, and makes it easy to decide whether to keep that note scribbled on that piece of paper… when in doubt, Evernote it and throw it away.

(Disclosure – the above links to Evernote are referral links, so if you sign up, I would appreciate you using those!)

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