Resolving a Linux hang-on-boot Situation

For several distributions of Linux, including Fedora, Arch, and a couple others (all of which happen to use systemd — hmm…) I would consistently have problems booting. During the startup process, when all of the services are being started, it would always hang at the exact same point: right after the “Started udev device kernel manager” line. This prevented me from even attempting to install any of these distributions. I did notice that any distro that did not default to systemd (namely Ubuntu and Gentoo) installed with no issues.

I finally found a fix to this: blacklist the dw_dmac module in the kernel. In Arch at least, this is done at boot time by adding the following line to the kernel boot line in Grub:


Once I hit enter, it booted up without issue, and installation went flawlessly. Rather than keep this line in my grub kernel line, I’ll blacklist it permanently the proper way, but for now, this works.

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