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The New Generation of “No Thank”-ers

Changing a bit from usual tech stuff, I have to rant for a bit. My wife and I are raising two children (teen/pre-teen) and trying to teach them the value in being polite. Please, thank you/no thank you., etc. They’re kids, so we don’t grill them about it, but the best way to pass on that behavior is to demonstrate it in front of them.

I wish more parents did that.

I’ve seen countless millennials walk up to a worker (doesn’t matter the place, grocery store, coffee bar, etc.) order something, receive their stuff and just turn and walk away. Perhaps the worker doesn’t think twice about it, but I always use “please” and “thank you”, and I tend to get better, friendlier service. It’s sad that today it’s more common to see a younger person on their phone than actually saying please.

At Target the other day, a woman put all of her items on the checkout belt, was checked out, and left all while on the phone using earbuds (in both ears). As she started to walk away with her cart, she rudely interrupted the cashier who was now talking to me and asked “Did I get a receipt?” The cashier was taken aback and after a brief pause, said “yes”. The woman just turned around and left, still blabbing on her phone. She was so engrossed in her conversation she was not aware that the cashier handed her a receipt (which she took and put in her purse… I even noticed that) and still had no idea what was going on around her.

If my kids had been there, I would have tried to make that a “teachable moment” by demonstrating how ridiculous that was, and that phones and other devices should always come second to a personal interaction, no matter whether it’s the president, or a cashier.